Why I Love Cornwall… Posted June 21, 2015


Oz and I took Barney to London last weekend for his 4th Birthday treat to go and see the Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. It was so exciting, getting the Great western Train into Paddington Station, seeing all the hustle and bustle and of course the Museum was fantastic!  We even got to spend a lovely lazy Saturday on Wandsworth Common with my dearest friends from University.

It was a perfect weekend, but as we pass by the “Welcome to Cornwall’ sign on the A30, it always brings a smile to my face, I am home and I love Cornwall… For a while last year Oz and I were seriously considering a move to France.  We holiday in the French Alps every year for 6 weeks and love it so much we thought perhaps we would move Seavista and become Snowvista 😉 but at the end of our 6 weeks, I felt so ready to come home to Cornwall, we always get home around the middle of February and spring is always just around the corner, everything seems to come alive, friends flock back from their winter travels and visitors start to arrive, and then we have all the excitement of summer to look forward too, all the festivals and the surfing (I am a summer surfer for sure although Oz does go in all year round – madman!), the BBQs the beach days and sundowners – it’s like being on holiday all the time!

welcome to cornwall

We don’t have as much choice here in Cornwall as in London but everyone who lives and works here does so out of a passion for Cornwall and this is reflected in the business they offer:

You like great coffee? Me too! Just a few minutes down the road we have the Jam Jar where Jess makes the most gorgeous coffee in gorgeous jam jars not to mention the most amazing smoothies, juices, bagels and cakes, all with a healthy lifestyle in mind.

Jam Jar Newquay

How about gorgeous fashion forward clothes? Done!  Roo’s Beach is filled with an array of luxurious clothes ‘combining pattern with originality, perfectly suited to coastal living and stylish pursuits’

Roos Beach Porth Store

How about Surfing? Well you can’t visit Cornwall and not try surfing even once 😉 We have an amazing surf school in the bay, called King Surf  where youKing Surf Lesson will learn to surf, to laugh and not take life too seriously!  A serious stress buster! Everyone should ride a wave at least once in their life!!

Who loves great food? Well we have that one covered many times over! There are the famous ones in Padstow and surrounding areas; Rick Steins, No. 6, Nathan Outlaw, but we also have the yet to be discovered gems …

Scott and Babs Wood Fired Food is a firm favourite with all who have eaten there, their food is delicious, served in a quirky barn, most of the meat is home reared and everything is homemade, from the amazing breads to the Treacle Tart (Barney’s Favourite) – the 8 hour slow roasted pork and the wood smoked sea trout… mmm I could go on forever but you just have to try it for yourselves 😉

Scott and Babs Woodfired Food


There are endless more reasons why I love Cornwall so much and I will of course be telling anyone that will listen but for now the sun is shining, the surf is pumping so…

take me to the ocean