Snowboarding Baby and Online Booking! Posted January 26, 2013


Hello Everyone!

We have just arrived back from our amazing holiday in Samoens in the French Alps, where we had the most perfect conditions you could imagine! Fresh snow almost every night followed by beautiful sunny days! Check out our Facebook for some really cool videos of Barney actually snowboarding! All the French instructors were taking pictures of him! They hadn’t seen one so little do it before – We are kinda hoping he will make us YouTube millionaires!  Proud mummy and daddy moment! 😉 Annoyingly we only have videos of him snowboarding and as a bit of a computer numpty I can’t seem to take any stills off of the video to post on here! But click on the link and you will see the little pro in action (18 months old – in case you were wondering hee hee!) – Oh well you will have to put up with some of Oz and I instead!

This was our first year snowboarding as a mummy and daddy but I think we can still totally rock it! 😉 The beauty of living in Cornwall, it’s a bit like Nevernever Land – and Oz is definitely Peter Pan! Kate Barney's first snowman!


Mojo came with us too as he always does but despite getting sore paws he still doesn’t think his snow boots are a good idea!! Not a happy puppy 😉


So our yearly holiday is over and now on to excitement for the new season ahead – with the biggest news – we now have online booking!! and not only that, we have had our first actual booking made online! I felt so grown up! – But only in a playing, i’m still young and hip etc kinda way – ha ha! But now you can book with us anytime of the day or night!  Of course if you would rather speak to me direct, I always love to hear from you!

My job for the next couple of weeks, will be painting furniture for the new apartment and for some of the rooms – the most exciting pieces I found in France, two gorgeous French bedside tables bought from this amazing Brocante that was just in an eccentric old mans back garden – I love them! Pictures to follow! Oooo I feel the creative juices stirring! 😉

Big Love